This blog is meant to collects some of our experiences working with a variety of technologies everyday. Approaching very cutting edge systems, often leads us to go for custom solutions which is a real pity not to share.

plista IT office for our Tech team

A short description of our IT teams

  • Data Engineering
    • Data Product: Creating great products using Data and Machine Learning. Scaling our business with programmatic.
    • Core: Building the foundation of great products. Providing the groundwork to make data engineering fun.
    • Data Analytics: Tracking KPIs, providing data insights, discover trends, support business analysis, algorithm development, A/B testing and data quality.
    • Machine Learning: Find the best Campaigns, find the best Recommendations, find the best Algorithms.
  • DevOps
    • Providing, maintaining and monitoring our cloud/bare metal plista infrastructure on 24/h. Support other IT teams on projects, developing infrastructure code, develops systems for deploying applications
  • Platform
    • The team is responsible for running and developing the current Platforms. Depending on the specific platform, the tasks are mainly executed by either a backend developer, frontend developer or both.
  • AdService
    • Team  consists of 6 creative and inspiring frontend-developers and webdesigners.
    • AdServices is responsible for creating & implementing the Ads

Enjoy reading our articles. We are happy to answer any questions or comments that you might have.

Your plista Tech Team

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